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Our Vision.

The Keenans MCR Team is a close group of talented people with a passion for property. Our core ethos is based on our traditional values; however, this should not be mistaken for being old fashioned. Our team is one of the most dynamic, forward thinking group of property professionals in the area. We understand that no two properties are the same, therefore our team brings a full spectrum of qualities to the table. Although we adhere to strict codes of conduct, we pride ourselves on being approachable and dedicated to our client base.
It's not just a one step process when selling your home, we understand that moving can be a hectic, sometimes emotional transaction. Your home is your biggest asset and we pride ourselves on our client satisfaction. If you are looking to employ a hardworking Estate Agent with commitment and drive, we would love to work on your behalf.

Experienced & Motivated Team

Emma Doolan

Branch Manager

Emma’s experience within the property industry cements her position as the go-to person for complex property related enquiries. Emma’s wealth of knowledge and time in the business means she has worked through many different market trends (and bathroom trends, for that matter) and with her passion for professionalism and personalism she is the glue that keeps the team together.

Louis Percival

Senior Valuer

Louis is at home on the road, our dedicated area valuer for Keenans MCR. Louis landed his dream job working for the group 6 years ago. A true team player, always on hand for clients and colleagues alike. Louis has a proven track record for exceeding his client’s expectations. Louis has helped move over 400 people in the last year alone.

Alissa Robinson

New Homes Specialist

With over 15 years in the property industry, Alissa found her home with Keenans from the beginning. Alissa has a keen eye for bespoke marketing. Do not be fooled by the heels, she carries steel toe caps wherever she goes and is extremely hands-on with her Land and New home developments. Alissa is our multi-tasking industry veteran.

Leanne Ruscoe

Sales Negotiator

Leanne is ever such the lady and is always impeccably presented. Leanne enjoys match making clients with their dream homes and goes out of her way to make sure that clients on both sides of the sales process are happy. Leanne offers a sense of calm in what can be a highly emotional time for clients.

James Doolan

Senior Negotiator

James is a very important member of the team, full of optimism and always keeps everyone in the office smiling. James holds one of the highest conversion rates in the company and understands the local market extremely well. James has built long-lasting relationships with his clients over the years with his professional, yet approachable, demeanor.

Michael Keenan

Senior Valuer

It made absolute sense for Mike to work within the industry as his family live, eat and sleep property. Mike’s goal is to ensure that Keenans MCR’s reputation and customer satisfaction is maintained to the highest of standards. Mike constantly reviews & re-invents the wheel; the team is often inspired by his passion to be the best.



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When considering making your next move, contact a member of our Manchester team, we will be delighted to assist you.

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